Photo Discussion Friday - Week 43

Bush Fire

Bush Fire

PDF Week 43/2015: Olympus TG-2, 14.41mm (=80mm), 1/640, f5.6, ISO 200.

2015 - Week 43 (23/10/2015)

The good

+ All elements of a burning bush fire are there, flames, smoke, burnt land and a dry vegetation. The picture shows orange flames, that reach high.

+ The picture seems to have been taken (actually it was) from close range.

+ The initial surprise at the theme is replaced by curiosity and leads you to investigate. You certainly can find less obvious elements and quite a few new stories.

The bad

- The light shed by the sun is drawing shadows that may distract.

- The positioning of the tall, lonely tree in the centre is lacking an obvious explanation and maybe an important story.

- Some parts of the picture, mainly the grass, seem overexposed/washed out

- If the exotic, vibrant green vegetation is not destroying the textbook scenery, the foreground with the grass cut in a straight line, certainly will


I like the photo. It may profit from more context, e.g. our car stopped on the road only a few metres away in the middle of nowhere. Technically, there are certainly a few issues. But who can and will do better under the circumstances?


  • Franziska Iseli

    on November 1, 2015

    Mir gefällt das Bild nicht wirklich gut. Die abgeschnittenen Pflanzen rechts und oben stören mich. Ich meine, man hätte den Ausschnitt entweder mit den Baumkronen wählen sollen (wenn das möglich gewesen wäre,) oder noch näher ran gehen. Dass die Flammen hoch reichen, sieht man auf dem Bild nicht, jedenfalls beeindruckt das nicht. Das weisst Du noch, weil Du da warst.

    Spielt es für die Beurteilung eines Bildes eine Rolle, ob es aus der Nähe aufgenommen worden ist?

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