Photo Discussion Friday - Week 44


PDF Week 44/2015: Nikon D-300, 105mm (on 18-105 zoom lens), 1/640, f18, ISO 200.

2015 - Week 44 (30/10/2015)

Thank you, Muriele Biber, for contributing. I am positively surprised that not much encouragement was needed to be able to critique the first picture from someone else so soon. And what a great start! Just bear in mind that every photo has its own value. My opinion is by no means an authoritative one and probably says more about me, my background and my shortcomings than about real weaknesses or strengths of the picture. Nevertheless, I find it hard for photographers to get a true and honest, but quick opinion from someone else. The public and most photography contests only vote with a 'yes' or 'no'. Let's not talk about the sometimes far-fetched and politically motivated, but also extravagantly beautiful and intelligent verbalisations by professionals. Feel free to discuss!

The good

+ Amazing coastal scenery of a stormy sea that could have taken place a few hundred years ago. 

+ Interesting light almost shot into the sun (coming slightly from the left and standing high) makes for a great mood picture.

+ Wild waves coming and going in all directions with beautiful spray are extremely well timed and captured. They are nicely composed across the frame, almost talk to each other.

+ Rocks and waves seem to play between horizon and shore and personally I am drawn out to explore the rock at the diagonal end to the shore outcrop.

The bad

- To me the colour is a distraction. It confuses me and does not add positively to the story. It adds the conflict of warmth that I don't need or want in this picture.

- The difficult light with a high contrast from a huge dynamic range obscures some details in the shadows, mainly in the rocks and some waves. More nuances on the grey scale might give the picture a different mood though, making it softer.

- For me, the sky does not have enough structure to be an independent element. As a backdrop framing the wild water I'd wish the sky would talk more evenly with the beach and the camera had been held a bit further down. Unfortunately, no crop space is left (it would partly damage the waves).


I love the photo and the mood in it. It was an extremely difficult scene (water spray, sun) handled and executed really well. I don't mind a few technical issues (e.g. sharpness/blurr in some parts, some blown-out highlights?) that might even come from the jpg conversion. Yes, with a little bit of work, this is a picture that could bring a cold and rough coastal feeling into a warm, cosy house.

  • Franziska Iseli

    on November 1, 2015

    Tolles Foto, Murièle! Du hast Dir also ein 18-105mm Zoom zugelegt. Sicher eine gute Wahl.

    Ich mag sonst keine SW-Fotos, aber lustigerweise sehe ich das gleich wie Patrik, die Farbe im Vordergrund passt nicht zum Rest des Bildes. Wahrscheinlich wäre es als SW noch eindrücklicher.

    Beim Himmel ist das immer so eine Sache, der ist halt so. Allenfalls könnte man ihn in Photoshop noch etwas dramatischer machen, aber dann würde er ev. die Dramatik des Rests des Bildes stören. Ich würde wohl das Bild so beschneiden, dass weniger Himmel gezeigt wird.

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