Photo Discussion Friday - Week 48

Freedom of Beauty

Freedom of Beauty

PDF Week 48/2015: Canon 7D, 320mm (on 100-400 zoom lens), 1/800, f6.3, ISO 100.

2015 - Week 48 (27/11/2015)

Nobody took the opportunity to have their photo discussed. It is an learning opportunity that comes for free. It is easy and safe to participate. Discussing my own pictures is not much fun. I'll be short.

What does the picture mean to me?

Horses are such stunningly beautiful creatures. They represent vitality, strength and independence, they are intelligent and yet, they can be tamed. I grew up on movies like Fury or Black Beauty, we had our own ponies and were dreaming of wild roaming horses in the Jura, french speaking part of Switzerland. We encountered this animal on our recent holidays in the Swiss alps. I reminded me of wild Brumbies that we have in Australia, but also of a culture of breaking horses and rodeo. It reminded me of endurance riding  ( that I have indirect ties with. The scene reminded me of the first photo book in my possession, featuring Marlboro man. Great photo ideas with horses came up (what about a half-half underwater shot in action?). Most of my ideas are not doable because I'd probably be too scared of and inexperienced with horses. When I saw the black, fly plagued animal, I could not believe my eyes: it was wearing a bell, a tiny bell that doesn't do justice to such a graceful animal. It domesticates it, tames it, makes it unfree. The horse looks sad while it seems in paradise.

Why did I want GPO to comment on this picture?

In my opinion, it does not make sense to discuss my own pictures. It smells of deceit and manipulation to chose a photo myself and then discuss positives and negatives. That is not me. This is not about showing off my best photos, and pretending to be able to judge them without being involved. Why should I share negatives in a culture that punishes honesty and rewards fake? Why should I stress positives if it doesn't do anybody a favour?

I'd love to know the secrets of horse photography though. Is the missing eye contact ok? And most of all, does the rock in front of the head destroy the picture for everyone else too? Are there any obvious technical mistakes I didn't notice? Do horses rather fit into my gallery 'Pets' or 'Bugs and Beasts'? A deeper look into this picture allows me to analyse and question my photographic style. Underwater extreme macro photography is hardly ever art, but one of the most demanding documentary work. How can I move from being a documentalist to create art that speaks and creates emotions while using great technique? No, I don't think this is an exceptionally good picture, but maybe one that will bring me further. Quite frankly, I chose the picture because I assume that my audience can connect to horses in some way or the other. Of course, I appreciate comments but will keep mine to myself for now.


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