Photo Discussion Friday - Week 49



PDF Week 49/2015: Nikon 300, 30mm (on 18-105mm zoom lens), 13 sec, f22, ISO 100.

2015 - Week 49 (4/12/2015)

Three pictures reached me by the Wednesday deadline. All of them are from Muriele. She gave me the choice to potentially discuss any single one of them. Since she hinted that she would favour that photo to be presented I refused to decide for her. I certainly liked the other two choices much better. Since Photo Discussion Friday turns into a private photo show, I decided to keep my comments private, too. Muriele got my critique on every single one of her photos in person. Having said that, I will participate in any discussion that might arise. 

What does the picture mean to me?

It’s a dreamy kind of early morning ‘stimmung’ for me.

Why did I want GPO to comment on the photo?

It’s a bit kitschy but I’d like to know whether it works. I’ve been playing with the different functions on Lightroom! Colour, softness / sharpness, lines…wonder what others think of it!


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