Photo Discussion Friday - Week 51



PDF Week 51/2015: Nikon D300, 45mm (on 18-105mm zoom lens), 1/200, f13, ISO 125.

2015 - Week 51 (18/12/2015)

Muriele Biber sent me three photos two weeks ago. She left it up to me which photo I wanted to discuss. The one already presented at Photo Discussion Friday was not my favourite. It is not always the best photos we want a second opinion on. Not only is it harder to digest critique but it is also more difficult to recognise differing opinions for what they are. I am still glad to present this photo this week. It was an early morning shoot we did together. The sun had gone up but was still very low. While we were heading home, more and more people woke up and enjoyed starting their day at the esplanade.

What does the picture mean to me?

- no information received

Why did I want GPO to comment on this picture?

- no information received, see Muriele's comments on her PDF Week 49 photo where she points out that she experimented with Lightroom and was not sure if it worked.


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What works for me

+ Beautiful lines and amazing composition. The vertical lanterns and posts are expertly linked with horizontal and diagonal lines that visually draw into the picture

+ lots of interesting stories going on, e.g. crow being photographed, people resting and enjoying tidal morning scene

+ interesting light, e.g. shadows of railings, right side jetty shaded indicate a low sun and may explain (some of) the purple light

What doesn't work for me and what could have been done differently

- post-editing diminishes a great picture that strives or should strive for a natural and realistic look. I would keep experimenting and maybe decide more clearly when you want to produce fine art and when you are using tools to enhance statements and feelings. It is ok to be a digital artist and it is fun.

- bright reflective sea at the right bottom draws most of the attention away from the real stories and into a weaker zone of the picture.

- purple light in this case is a bit too much. I know it was there and real. But since there was some editing going on in the picture I would take it completely out or have the whole scene darker. Darkening might also enrich the top right sky area.


This photo tells a few nice stories and is fantastically composed. I love it. It has a few small issues but is a great achievement. The same - unfortunately - can not be said for the post-editing. We have to go with the times and that involves picture tweaking. Do we? Even the ones who don't and try to create honest pictures are being judged from the same audience that is exposed to and applauds tweaked photos. They will appreciate correctly (and sometimes even horribly wrongly) manipulated photos to the same degree as 'honest' ones, won't even notice the difference. A good friend of mine always asks: does it really matter how difficult it is to produce a perfect result? I keep saying: yes, it does - under certain assumptions. In this example, it is an honest picture that shows the struggles of post-editing. And if we are aware of that we can appreciate the real qualities behind this picture.

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