Green and red

Green and red

PDF Week 16/2016: Canon 7D, 400mm, 1/30, f5.6, ISO 1250.

A beautiful day came to an end. The sun had already gone down. The horizon still showed the outlines of clouds and mountains. It was too late to take pictures. It was the time when normally night dives start, when life under water shifts, when a different beauty shines through and different rules apply. It is about seeing with your heart, trusting a different reality and feeling as part of it.

Standing on shore with a warm breeze blowing felt like being a spectator rather than being in the scene. My land photography eyes spotted a White-bellied Sea Eagle. They are large birds that can be recognised by their short tails. Often immersing in the sea, long feathers would prevent easy lift-off and a swift return into the air and back to land.

What was the bird doing on that marker buoy? Where were its thoughts travelling? Why would you stare into the slowly blinking light rather than out to the sea? Why would you just sit and watch and not go to work, hunt for food? It must be blinding that electronic light and the life with it! It seemed like the bird was hypnotised, fully absorbed by that magic cylinder of unexplained light.

Move on bird, choose the boat, lift the anchor and sail away protected by the night. Forget the green and the red light. Forget the led screen and make the bay yours! Gosh - I miss scuba diving!

This photo is only slightly edited, no colour added, just lightened up.

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