File Format and Transfer

File transfer

Files can be transferred to me

- via Facebook (GPO refuses to take any responsibility)

- via email (goodpicturesonline at A transfer constitutes that you have read and understood the terms, and that you are fit to take responsibility for participating. You implicitly agree to the legal terms which you can find here.

- share it via google drive/dropbox or via smugmug (contact me first)

Deadline is each Wednesday at midnight East Australian Time. Photos are eligible to be rolled over to one of the following weeks. Photos can be submitted by everyone for every week. However, Photo Discussion Friday would like to give everyone an opportunity to be represented.


You can send in any common digital format. The picture will be judged in the format it arrives, if readable by Adobe Lightroom. The picture may only be presented in lower resolution and in a common jpg-format on Photo Discussion Friday.

I normally format my own pictures as follows:

- 1MB in size or less

- long side 1000 pixels (max. 2000 px for panorama)

- side ratio of 2:3 or 3:2 (except panorama of course)

- watermark with real name copyright and first year of publication

Title and further information:

Please give your photo a title (not too long please). It will be called 'Untitled' if you don't. The following information will be displayed as a capture of the picture:

- Camera model, e.g. Canon 7D

- Focal length and lens used, e.g. 100mm (on 18-200mm zoom lens)

- Aperture, e.g. f8- Shutter speed, e.g. 1/100

- ISO setting, e.g. ISO 200

- any information that is extraordinary or worth mentioning, e.g. composite digital art photographic elements or unusual techniques/tools applied.

Additionally, please let me know 1) what the picture means to you and 2) why you want the picture to be discussed at Photo Discussion Friday. E.g. I want an honest critique outside my circles, I want to sell it and give it some publicity, just think it is fun participating, it is extremely close to my heart, I don't like it but maybe you do etc. 

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