Thank you for your interest in Photo Discussion Friday. I hope this will be an interesting and enjoyable project. It is designed for you to visit on a weekly basis, just in time for your weekend when most people have time to sit back, relax and care about enjoying life and good photography. Follow each weekly discussion below, rate or comment on the photos right there.

If you would like to participate, please read the agreement with terms of participation here

If you are happy with those terms, find out here, how we expect you to prepare and transfer your file. It is easy and straightforward.

We are all looking forward to seeing and discussing your pictures!

Next photo is due:

+ Week 23 (2/6/2016)

Submission deadline:

+ deadline: Wednesday 31/5/2016, midnight

Find all discussed photos for each year and week. You can get to the discussions by clicking on the picture.

It is never too late to add your comment or simply rate or like it. Your comment will show as soon as it is reviewed and approved by the moderators. We encourage you to voice your honest opinion (if possible in English or German or languages that can be translated easily).

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