The copyright for each photo stays with the photographer. The photographer grants Good Pictures Online (GPO) the non-exclusive right to display the photo within the limited context of 'Photo Discussion Friday' but for an unlimited time (minimum 10 years). Outside this forum and a possible publication, and as much as it is reasonably possible there will be no public or private use of the photo by GPO without the explicit and written prior agreement of the photographer.

Both the photographer and GPO will commit to good faith, neither charge, nor be charged a fee. This is a fun forum, aiming at interacting with customers and viewers of my website and offer a learning experience for both sides. Mistakes can and will happen (e.g. wrong database parameters), so please reduce your risks and mine by playing safe and fair, as well as being tolerant.

The copyright of the photographer does not extend onto the critique (including public comments). Written permission from GPO must be sought before using the text outside this website in a context that might misrepresent us. Linking electronically is fine, but the critique as voiced in Photography Discussion Friday can not be transferred elsewhere without our knowledge and written approval. We reserve the right to refuse the commercial use of our text.

The format and context of 'Photo Discussion Friday' may be changed without notice, even stopped and taken off-line for a while. The license to use the photo remains intact with such changes of cosmetic or graphic elements unless they clearly violate the non-commercial spirit. GPO will need to be notified and granted the chance to take concerns into consideration within a reasonable time frame.

Claims from third parties (important)

You must own all rights of all elements of your photos. GPO can not be held liable for infringements of copyrights or the violation of trademarks or any other issues in any way. It is advisable that you ask for written permission (e.g. model release, especially written parental authorisation) or consult a lawyer if in doubt. GPO can only be held accountable for the critique which runs under non-commercial terms and is based on the assumption of fair use of the photo. You confirm that you have obtained necessary clearances in relation to the subject matter.

GPO will assume, and put high faith into your decision and confirmation, that you own all the rights, and publishing the photo does not violate any laws. Only very limited and basic checks (e.g. illicit material, obvious abuse etc.) can be performed by GPO. As this is a free service, my legal and administrative costs are not covered and I need to be able to trust your judgement or be reimbursed for my damage unless third party claims could have been predicted easily before publishing by applying extremely basic checks. Legal domicile would be Brisbane or my future domicile as notified here.

Obligations of GPO

GPO reserves the right to refuse the display/discussion of any photo without giving reasons. No correspondence is owed. There will be only one photo per week discussed publicly and it is my sole discretion to choose suitable photos. Neither the receipt of the photo nor the publication or any other action transfers a responsibility to GPO to store or display the copy. While it will be kept reasonably save, it can and will not be handed out to anybody, except - if still easy to retrieve and transfer - to the photographer.

Beyond your own direct and unrestricted use, the use or any sort of reproduction (not the accurate referencing) of the photo outside GPO without your and GPO's authorisation and knowledge is illegal. GPO can only put diligent but non-expert care into minimising the risk of data being stolen (or illegally acquired possession of) within the electronic workflow. By no means, can GPO be held accountable or assist in investigations regarding any loss or unauthorised use of the picture or text. Please keep the original and/or a copy.

By corresponding with GPO or transferring a picture you agree to such terms and indemnify GPO against any actual or direct loss, claim, injury or damage including any reasonable legal costs or expenses incurred as a direct result of the breach of your responsibilities.

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