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Photo Stories

Photo Discussion Friday (discontinued)

Every Friday, I discuss one photo. Good Pictures Online (GPO) is based on my own pictures. I would love to open that up, display and discuss photos that I receive from you. In my experience, it is often difficult to get a sense of what other people think makes a GOOD picture. Get my opinion. In order to participate, you need to hold all the rights and be happy for the photo to be discussed publicly. They must fit certain criteria (e.g no nudity, illicit advertising etc.).

Please find an overview here:

This is a free, public service. Take advantage of it!

If you want my second opinion in a more private environment, please contact me to discuss options.

Purchase photos

Most photos featured on this website can be purchased for a reasonable price for personal and commercial use. The originals are available in higher resolution in most cases. Maybe you want some custom photographs to be produced for your needs, e.g. your webpage, your living room wall. Speciality areas include nature, wildlife and underwater photos and documentation. Send me an email to goodpicturesonline at or use the contact form.

Check out the Acrylic Print of one of my photos by clicking the following picture:


So far, I have published one booklet for kindle. It can be bought here:

Please help me sell a few copies. I do earn next to nothing from it but it gives me encouragement to produce more booklets and books.

The booklet is produced in fixed page format. It can be downloaded and read on Kindle of course, but also on various other platforms, such as Android phones, Ipads but unfortunately not on Iphone. Download the Kindle app and try it out! 

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